Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Programs

The best electronic cigarette affiliate programs are listed on this page from top being our highest recommended (highest payout) ahead of everything else!

QUICK LINK:  Our #1 Recommendation GREEN SMOKE.

So what is our purpose here?  Simple.  We are e-cig enthusiast and want to help affiliates who are looking for good & lucrative e-cig affiliates programs and help them find the ones that suit them best.  This includes us helping you!

We have promoted over 35 brands of electronic cigarettes an as affiliate we can tell you which ones we rate the best from our own experience!

Let me go over some of the rules on this site before you get started.

We do not bash affiliate programs that we do not like.  So I you do not see a brand listed and want to know why it’s either because we have not reviewed it yet or……. it sucks!

If you’d like to know why something isn’t listed or would like to see if we’d consider listing one you need to contact us here.

The other rule here is we never recommend a program that is bad.  You won’t see it!  I would never tell you to look at something we wouldn’t promote ourselves.

Finally, we have personally reviewed anything that you see listed!  So if it’s on here it’s because we checked it out first and made some cash with it.

So what are the review categories for each e-cig affiliate program we review?


Here’s the list of electronic cigarette affiliate programs category rankings:


1.  Payout % – This is the % that the company pays out per sale.

2.  LIFETIME Commissions – Some of the brands we mention offer this.  It means the brand offers lifelong tracking for every customer you send their way.  This is like the holy grail in Internet Marketing.  Anytime you see a brand that offers lifetime commission PROMOTE IT!  Currently the only 1 that we know of in this industry that offers lifetime is Green Smoke I highly suggest promoting them on your site or in public.

3.  Cookies – This is how long anyone sent through your link is cookied in the affiliate payment system.  So if someone clicks on your link will start being tracked.  Most affiliate programs offer a 30 day cookie.  However, any marked Lifetime are tracked for life!  That means even after 30, 60, 90 365 days and more you keep getting commissions from the same person ho keeps ordering additional products from that particular company.

4.  Payout Time Frame – This will be listed in days.  It means how long after your sales is approved before the company will pay you for the sale.  Most are net 30 or net 45.

5.  Offer Second Tier – If you’re looking to ask your friends to help promote a 2nd tier cookie is  helpful.  This means that any affiliates you have signup under you to promote any of the companies products will make you additional money anytime they make a sale!

6.  Offer Affiliate Support  – This one is simple; does the company you’re looking at promoting offer support to it’s affiliates.

7.  Instant Approval – This is a yes or no answer.  Instant approval just means that the affiliate program will accept anyone immediately into their affiliate program.  Waiting is no fun, we all want instant access.

8.  Payout Types – These are the options the company presents to pay you with.

9.  Contests – Does the company offer a contest to help motivate you to make more sales?

10.  BONUS – What’s better than free money?   Many of the companies offer a bonus for you to just sign up as an affiliate.  For instance Green Smoke offers $20 for free and E-Smoke gives $50!  Pretty cool, eh?

OK.  That’s it!  Now it’s time to go check out the brands and figure out which ones you want to promote to make money with.  You’ll find the menu on the right side of the screen.  We want to help make your affiliate marketing efforts wildly successful!